On the Lookout: The Immigrant Hopeful’s “Hunt” for Better Immigration Policies in America

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Egg hunting is a tradition that children love during Easter celebration.  Parents normally paint the eggs in different colors and designs to make it more exciting.  The origin of the Easter egg hunt is not quite known.  During the egg hunt, children are excited not only because of the colorful eggs, but with the prizes they can get when opening the eggs.

The Easter Celebration meant more than just hunting colorful eggs and prizes.  For many, especially those who have strong religious beliefs, Easter is a symbol of renewal, rebirth, new beginnings and hope.

Many believed that an egg symbolizes “new life.”   Easter eggs are associated by religious people (Christian perspective) as representation of Jesus’ emergence from the tomb and resurrection.

For this coming Easter celebration, immigrant hopefuls in the United States are hoping to find and open a different type of “Easter Egg.”  An “egg” that will bring them hope, new beginnings, a NEW LIFE in the land they have longed for – America!

There has been much progress on the discussion regarding the proposed comprehensive immigration reform since President Obama announced that the need for an immigration reform on January of this year.

Since then, there have been significant developments from the immigration debate.  The discussion started from drafting four (4) main goals of the reform such as:

  • Path to citizenship
  • Stricter border security
  • Improved employment verification system
  • Allowing more immigrant workers in the U.S. provided that employers will be able to prove that the specific position or job cannot be done by U.S. citizens

From this initial draft, the discussion proceeded to the drafting of initial requirements for undocumented immigrants to gain citizenship which included the following:

  • Must learn English
  • Pay back taxes and fines
  • Must pass background check
  • Must go back “in-line” for proper process of applying for citizenship

As days pass, the proposed comprehensive immigration reform is not only gaining favor from citizens, businessmen, fellow immigrants, but within the Senate and other government officials as well.

CSI Professionals, Inc have been monitoring and keeping its clients, followers and supporters with the developments of the proposed comprehensive immigration reform.

CSI continuously aim to inform and educate immigrant hopefuls around the world of the “right way” to reach the “American Dream.”

To all immigrant hopefuls, your CSI family continuously and tirelessly supports you throughout your employment and immigration journey.


Happy Easter!


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