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Project Manager


Master’s degree in Business, Marketing or related, and 36 months of project manager experience, or related.


Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, or related, and 60 months of project manager experience, or related.


Evaluate and track sales trends of DKS frame and door products; Review literature on products to stay current on the trends of the steel door and framing industry; Survey employees and consumers to ensure satisfaction; Assess products, pricing, and marketing methods from competing manufacturers; Illustrate data from report findings into graphical representations, and then transcribe them into concise written reports; Create and implement methods for collecting company and industry data, such as questionnaires, opinion polls, and surveys; Attend management-level conferences to inform company executives of new proposals for distributing and promoting steel frame and door products; create and propose pricing of steel frames and doors to ensure that DKS remains competitive with other manufacturers; research competitor sales and distribution reports to ensure that DKS continues to be a top manufacturer in the steel frame and door industry; Analyze consumer demographic information to ensure that DKS is providing the products that consumers are seeking in steel frames and doors (including but not limited to: their preferences, needs, and buying habits); Examine the effectiveness of marketing and advertising strategies by our company and by other manufacturers to guarantee the use of the most effective

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Csi Professionals, Inc.

3255 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1520

 Los Angeles, CA 90010

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