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Medical Billing Specialist

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Related.

Responsible for the development of databases to store clients confidential information, staff information, as well as inventory; Responsible for testing all software to ensure it operates as intended; Plan and coordinate database security measures; Responsible for updating, maintenance and the security of our MyDose Alert System; Provides technical support to all staff; Prepares reports to present to management with suggested upgrades of current hardware and software; Must identify the coding and programming required to products the most efficient software; Analyze specific requirements including upgrading our current systems and improving/adding to the computer systems; Consult with management to clarify program intent, suggest changes and determine extent of programming and coding required; Provides final status reports to management; Trains staff to use the software; Provide management with analysis for the development, upgrading, updating, improvement and installation of new software/hardware.

TO APPLY, Mail Resume to:


3255 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1520

Los Angeles, CA 90010

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