The Art of “Giving Back” on Heart’s Day

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February 14, 2013 – a special day celebrated not only by couples, but by everybody who appreciate the “LOVE” they received and have given throughout the year.

For many, it is a tradition that have been practiced and something to look forward to.  It has been part of the Valentine tradition to give gifts such as flowers, chocolates, stuff toys, and many more.

For CSI Professionals, Inc., the appreciation of love and support that our families, friends, clients and supporters shared with us is not only for one day.  For almost eighteen years, CSI values the art of “giving back” to the community, especially to the people who unconditionally supported and guided us through our journey in providing employment and immigration assistance to immigrant hopefuls in the United States.

We believe that showing your love for someone or anyone is immeasurable by gifts or money.  “Love” has to be given unconditionally and should come from the very bottom of your heart.  For CSI, what we value most is seeing our clients’ endless joy and gratitude towards the service and assistance we provided in making their “American Dream” reality.

CSI Staff Valentine's Day Lunch

CSI Staff Valentine's Lucnh
CSI Staff Valentine’s Day Lunch

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