CSI Celebrates The Year of the Snake!

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Let’s decorate the town Red and Gold, and Make some Noise!

The Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, marks the beginning of the Year according to the Chinese lunar calendar.  It is a fifteen day celebration which starts with the New Moon on the first day of the first Chinese lunar month and ends with the “Lantern Festival” on a Full Moon.

 During the Chinese New Year celebration, the most prominent colors are red and gold.  These colors are considered auspicious in which red brings “good luck” while the color gold or yellow brings wealth and happiness.

 The celebration is said to have originated from Chinese villages in springtime wherein villagers hung red papers on their doors and threw bamboo to create some noise.  The villagers believed that the bright red colored paper and the noise from throwing the bamboo sticks would drive the monster away.

Today, such tradition is still in practice, slightly modified and combined with creativity.  Instead of just hanging simple red papers on doors, you can find different sizes of red lanterns ranging from simple to the most elaborate designs.  Similarly, aside from just throwing bamboo sticks, bulks of long, colorful, and loud fireworks are used to create noise and believed to drive the “bad luck” or “bad spirits” away.

The Chinese culture holds many different traditions during this celebration, which includes:  eating special New Year dishes, displaying twelve different kinds of round fruits, and giving out red money envelopes— each holds different meanings and symbolisms to every family.

For CSI Professionals, Inc., we value “giving back” to people:  our family, friends, clients and supporters.  They are the ones we consider our “LUCK!”  Without their unconditional support and trust, working towards CSI’s goal of helping and educating immigrant hopefuls reach their “American Dream” would not be possible.

Their joy and endless gratitude to CSI and just being with them throughout their immigration process is already rewarding for CSI and its staff; more so when these bring prosperity, happiness, and longevity to the CSI Professionals office.

Source:  Happy Chinese New Year’s Celebration (February 9, 2013) –


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