Bridging Two Different Communities: an Employment & Immigration Seminar for the Indonesian-American Community of Southern CA

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Sunday – a day often spent with family, friends, or just by yourself to relax and unwind, to pray and worship, or simply, a do nothing.   However, for CSI Professionals, it is a perfect day to reach out to different communities.

The opportunity to reach out to new communities can present itself at any given point in time. And when an opportunity arises, CSI understands the importance of preparedness and guidance- the willingness and determination of a hopeful individual to exert effort; and the willingness and determination of another to extend a hand to that person in need. .

On February 3, 2013, CSI Professionals, Inc.‘s Vice President, Marge Ordiales, was invited by the Indonesian-American Community of Southern California to be the guest speaker for an employment and immigration seminar.

The seminar was held at the GMIM church in Fontana, CA wherein an estimated seventy community members gathered for the Sunday service.  The community has a “close-knit” relationship among its members.  Every Sunday, several families are in charge of bringing food and beverages for the community.  After the service, all the members gather in a hall to dine together and chat.

For the CSI team, meeting with the Indonesian-American community became a very unforgettable learning experience.  Though difference in language was evident during the discussion, it did not hinder both the CSI team and the community to have a meaningful exchange of information and knowledge. Some parts of the discussion were translated in the Indonesian language by one of the community members.  It helped CSI to communicate and connect more effectively with the community, and the audience became more engaged to the discussion.

The CSI team was overwhelmed by the community’s hospitality and sincerity in welcoming them.  The community’s enthusiasm, interest on the topic, and openness to discuss their individual situations made our trip to Fontana worthwhile and fulfilling. We can say that through CSI, the door of opportunities have opened wider for the Fil-AM Community and Indonesian-American Community; more exchanges of values, traditions and knowledge will surely benefit both parties in the future.

CSI is very pleased with the success of the event.  It definitely created a bond between the FIL-AM Community and the Indonesian-American Community.  We would like to strengthen this bond through future endeavors between CSI Professionals, Inc. and the Indonesian-American Community.

Check out the event’s photos on Flickr!

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