Snake’s year next year: CSI Professionals, Inc.: The not so little Dragon in 2013

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 The year 2012 for CSI:

  • Seminar at LA ORT College and LearNet Academy in Los Angeles;
  • Summer Class Orientation at University of California, Los Angeles Extension
  • Job fairs at prestigious schools such as Los Angeles Community College
  • In- house seminar with International Students Officer from California State University, Los Angeles, DeVry University, & CES College.
  • Free immigration seminars and interview workshops for immigrant hopefuls

These and more were achieved in the aim of sharing and spreading to the public awareness on the current trends and possible actions to specific work and sponsorship needs.  A good year indeed!

If you are ready to end 2012 and are planning toward better endeavors in 2013, then you are ready to take the first step towards success. Let us show you how to learn all the essentials, and how to use it wisely for a better YOU come 2013!

CSI always prepares its existing and potential clients (for their job and sponsorship process) through free seminars; and this year, CSI created more ways to reach out to even more audiences and continue supporting Filipino-Americans in their journey towards job placements and sponsorships. Now, not only does it continue to support professional workers and their chosen craft, but also talents such as Actors, Singers, Dancers, etc. Just this year, Csi is a proud sponsor of renowned Asian Balladeer Ms. Ivy Violan and Philippines hottest new artist under ABS-CBN: Star Magic 20 at the Shrine Auditorium.

For the year-end, CSI will be hosting a Thanksgiving Year-End Seminar Part 2 on Nov. 30, 2012 from 1:30 PM – 3:30 pm. There will be an open discussion with our Vice President, Marge Ordiales, and our various affiliates/law offices: Nelson and Associates and MTS Law. Once again, we would like our immigrant hopefuls to increase their awareness about their available options in applying for working visas and permanent based sponsorship’s; and advise them on how to land a job, effectively. Live testimonials from our recent successful and ‘fast’ placements and approved H1B will also be there to share their experience and journey in reaching their American Dream; and A Job interview Workshop will be headed by Mr. Paul Martinez (a Sr. Management and Training Analyst who handled more than 1000 employees in Los Angeles).

Moreover, since H-1B applications for the FY 2013-2014 USCIS will be accepted on April 2013, CSI strongly suggests through this seminar, that as early as now, YOU need to prepare for it. H1B is one of the many employment visa categories that we will continuously support through the assistance of our experts and legal counsel. CSI will STILL be guiding you from start to finish; as our tagline reminds our clients, “We’re with you, all the way.”

In 2013, CSI’s service to its Global Clientele from various nations will continue as we welcome the Year of the Snake. CSI is proud to announce that we are hosting a Career Talk at CSULA beginning of 2013, and the Employment and Immigration Clinic on Wheels will take more stops and hold seminars in various Colleges and Universities!

CSI will continue to provide free seminars with job interviews and skills workshops for its marketing-stage clients to result in more impressive job interviews and performance, thus faster placements. CSI will also continue their personal career counseling to the public to discuss individual and probable cases and visa options. The CSI Rewards and roadmap were also implemented this year and will continue; this allows applicants to monitor and appreciate their journey from the beginning and at every phase of their employment-based petition.

Meanwhile, CSI also encourages everyone to look forward to a better 2013. 2013 is Year of the Snake, and some would say that the Dragon evolved from Snake and some would call Snake “ The Little Dragon”. It symbolizes cleverness, boldness, decisiveness and it makes good decisions when the time is right. They set their goals and usually get what they want.

Each person’s success does not happen because they have the traits of their animal sign. People have to strive hard to make it happen; focus and know your goals. Through CSI’s proven expertise and with you being inspired and motivated by 2012’s Dragon Year, we can all remain positive and work harder to achieve better results, thus, a better life starting 2013!

Finally, even with this month-long implementation of significant events, for CSI, Thanksgiving holiday will not be forgotten. It is a reminder for all of us to express gratitude to God, family, and friends for all the blessings of material possessions (basic or not) and relationships. It’s the tradition of giving thanks for bountiful gifts that we continuously receive, but CSI also considers it as the time to reflect and give back to the community. After all of CSI’s successful employment and immigration seminars, workshops and fundraising events this year, we at CSI will not forget to give back and would like to thank everyone who participated, contributed, and supported our events for our clients and the community.

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