CSI at 18; the Magic Continues: Employment & Immigration Clinic on Wheels!

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CSI at 18; the Magic Continues: Employment & Immigration Clinic on Wheels!

   It’s All About Giving Back and Giving MORE


September 2012 is one of the busiest months for CSI this year. Aside from it being CSI’s anniversary month, more opportunities were presented and paved way to more growth as a Fil-Am company in Southern California. CSI conducted a free employment and immigration clinic last September 13. The event was yet another successful and informative one, with CSI’s VP, retained immigration counsel and approved clients, coaching and inspiring immigrant hopefuls.


Additionally, to further support Filipino talents, Ms. Marge Ordiales (CSI’s VP), was given an opportunity to become a judge of one of the famous shows in the Kapuso Network, GMA Talent Search; adult division & “Manny Many Prizes”, that was held at Universal Studios, Globe Amphitheater, last September 16, 2012.

Last September 29, F&M Production in cooperation with CSI Professionals, Inc. presented MS. Ivy Violan & Friends in a concert at Josephine’s Bistro & Bar. The show was another success and yet again, symbolizing and recognizing Filipino talents, through the gift of their voice’s and music.

We have always supported and believe in the many talents and professionalism of our fellowmen. To greet the season of hope and “being merry”, we welcome the Star Magic Group of the Abs-Cbn Talent Management Co.; as they perform at the Shrine Auditorium on Nov. 3, 2012. Csi supports KATZ Entertainment and will be there to witness not only the so-called, “kilig factor” but, break the monotony of everyday rush and challenges in America.

As we have announced last month, we have successfully launched our new project called, “Employment & Immigration Clinic on Wheels”. On October 17, 2012, CSI’s team held an in-house seminar for international students at LA Ort College. On the spot assessments were given to all qualified foreign students with valid OPT who are also looking for internship. The event was yet another successful and informative one, with CSI’s VP, coaching and inspiring immigrant hopeful students. CSI will continue to visit different locations through small coffee sessions to educate and give the public initial consultations on sponsorship/immigration.  What’s more, CSULA also confirmed their collaboration with us through an in-house seminar early PART of 2013!


Meanwhile, CSI will continue to assist Filipino professionals and various nationalities professionals’ career placement in Southern California.


CSI, a continuing neophyte in this time changing and evolving world of employment sponsorship, will remain steadfast and will still pursue a goal not just for one but, for many others.

Once again, CSI will wrap up the year with optimism and right tools and preparedness for the coming year, on our 2012 final quarter seminar, this November. We understand the many factors that would affect and bring change & hope for the immigrants such as:  economy, employment and immigration. We as a team are humbled and determined to touch the lives of many immigrant hopefuls.

As we always say, the number 18 indicates “1” as the beginning of every number and “8” signifies infinite possibilities. On our 18th year anniversary, we at CSI have defined our infinite mission:  To continue assisting people in their career placements in the US; and to continue to be the positive initiators to their “journey.”

 Stay connected through CSI’s Fan page www.facebook.com/CSIProfessionalsInc and twitter page www.twitter.com/CSIEmployment. our Corporate Office: 3255 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1520, Los Angeles, CA 90010; Tel. no.213-487-5059 or 818-476-0082, Email address: info@csi-professionals.com; our website at www.csiprofessionalsinc.com.

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