Warning: Obama Scam

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Latest Update or Warning from AILA:  Friends, please alert your friends and relatives about an ongoing scam coming to light as the days leading up to the Obama deferred action implementation become numbered. This information is from the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA):

“AILA has received reports on a new telephonic scam that is victimizing aliens. The unscrupulous individual is calling certain immigrants and posing as a USCIS officer. The caller will have basic information about the immigrant and go on to state that there is a discrepancy with the immigrant’s USCIS records; he/she will then ask the immigrant for confirmation of specific data, including an I-94 number, and an “A” number or visa control number. With enough information, the deceitful caller instructs the immigrant to send a sum of money via Western Union to rectify the discrepancy with their USCIS records.”

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