Rebirth of Hope in Employment & Immigration

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Rebirth of Hope in Employment & Immigration


Spring is a beautiful season awaited by most people. It is a transition from “cold” to “just right”, from a busy season to a fresh, clean start. For students, they anticipate this season to take a break from school and enjoy their spring break by traveling, hanging out with their friends or relaxing; but not all of us may treat it the same way. 

 For immigrant hopefuls, April 1st or the weeks approaching that date marks a busy and crucial period because it is the H1B filing Season. It is a month that they need to act fast (or find a good mentor, if available) in order to pursue and file for their H1B application in the hope to attain their working visa.

 As we all know, H1-B Cap has been changing drastically since 2009.In the fiscal year of 2009, the H1B Cap was reached on December 2009. The following year, the cap was reached on January 2010; and last year, surprisingly, the cap was reached on November 2011.  This only implies that despite the recession, the employment rate is getting better, and every year there is no guarantee as to the closing date of accepting applications; it just depends on how fast people apply, how fast cases get adjudicated and how fast the quota is reached. Therefore, it is better to find a good mentor and proper assistance in order to secure a strong H1B Application this fiscal year.

 CSI Professionals Inc in collaboration with Attorney Mary Sanga of MTS LAW has been continuously prepping the public.  For this critical period, we maintain to provide Free Monthly Seminars to educate the public about their job opportunities and available working visas. As a matter of fact, CSI is hosting another FREE  Employment & Immigration Seminar, “BEAT THE HEAT THIS JUNE 1st” on June 1, 2012 from 2:00 -5:00 PM at 100 North Brand Blvd. 6th Floor, Glendale CA 91203. The event will be re-joined by one of our legal counsels, the Law Offices of Mary T. Sanga, who will bring to the public a more in-depth understanding and approach to working visa applications for new, current and future cases. CSI in turn, being the expert in employment and career placements, will discuss through its very own, Ms. Marge Ordiales, how you can start your life, career and future with the help of its tested and professional service and assistance. There will be also a job interview workshop facilitated by Mr. Paul Martinez, Sr. Management and Training Analyst of the City ofLos Angeles, to provide job interview tips and conduct mock interview.

 This is the chance for you to know more about your eligibility on current availabilities and employment based sponsorships. ACT NOW and Be AHEAD and take advantage of the opportunities that you will gain from our Experts!   In addition, CSI would like to invite you to visit our booth atLos AngelesCityCollegeon May 21, 2012 from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Our Employment experts will be there to answer your inquiries with regards to job opportunities.

For further details and to reserve seats, please call our office at 213-487-5059.

To schedule a free consultation here inLos Angeles,

Please call and visit us in our office locations:

CSI Professionals, Inc. Corporate Office:3255 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1520,Los Angeles,CA90010;

Tel. no. 213-487-5059 or 818-476-0082


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