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The Clock is Ticking Fast….

Be Ahead, Be First on April 1st


Marge H. Ordiales, Vice President of CSI Professionals, Inc.

It’s the H1-B season again, and as always, if you want to Get IN, you must Act Fast. As we all know, H1-B Cap last year was reached almost 8 months after April 1st. This fiscal year, we wouldn’t know how long it will last. BUT, one thing is for sure, you don’t want to commit the same mistake again of being not proactive in being ahead of the ball game. Expecting the worst and investing time and effort to protect oneself from possible danger are a “good investment”.  In addition, preventive measures are way better than desperate measures. It is just a matter of making a quick but wise choice while it is early. Again, there is no guarantee as to the closing date of accepting applications; just depends on how fast people apply, how fast cases get adjudicated and how fast the quota is reached. By being ahead, you have to plan accordingly bases on your priority. By having a timeline, you would be able to identify and list down important things to do and of course, your top priority must indicate; attending our series of comprehensive seminars will give the public more information with the most recent and important changes in diverse and complex Employment Immigration Law.

Be ready to find a gainful employment thru the help of CSI Professionals, Inc. With CSI’s personal counseling/mentoring, you would be able to face the reality in the Employment and Immigration workforce. It will lead you to the right path and direction especially on this crucial time of H1-B season.

CSI has launched a new program in providing an effective mentoring service to all applicants. The success of the Coffee moment event last February made our clients realized that it is always important to think ahead and not to miss any opportunities that would eventually lead them to right way in this unpredictableUSemployment and immigration path.

With these new techniques, CSI applicants were able to find their sponsoring company immediately, making them to be part of this H1-B fiscal year. True enough, even various colleges and universities became interested as to what CSI can offer to their International Students. They are enlightened with the fact that there are some employment and immigration rules that they should be aware of in guiding their students. In addition, CSI offers internship to qualified applicants. F1 with valid OPT/CPT’s are also welcome to apply.

As a result, with the positive feedback and results CSI has been receiving, CSI will never get tired of educating the public with information that would affect achieving their “American Dream”. CSI and their affiliate partners will continue to provide inspiration and guidance to the public.

Join us once again on our employment and immigration seminar, entitled “The most sought after H1B Visa,” on March 23, 2012 (FRIDAY) from 1:30 until 4:30PM at 100 N. Brand Blvd 6th Floor Glendale, CA 91203. This time, CSI seminars (March edition) will be re-joined by Nelson & Associates, being one of our expert legal counsels, and who will bring to the public a more in-depth understanding and approach to working visa applications for new, current and future cases. CSI in turn, being the expert in employment and career placements, will discuss through its very own, Ms. Marge Ordiales, how you can start your life, career and future with the help of its tested and professional service and assistance. You can also join a Coffee Moment Part 2 on April 20, 2012. This event will be open to the public from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. in our Glendale Office. Seats are limited. Call our hotline no. at 213-487-5059 to reserve a seat. We are hoping to see you and give education and assistance on your employment and sponsorship needs.

To schedule a free consultation here in Los Angeles,
or request information on our next seminar,
Please call and visit us in our office locations:
LA Corporate Office:3255 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1520, Los Angeles, CA
90010; tel. no. 213-487-5059
Glendale Branch Office: 100 N. Brand Blvd. 6th Floor Glendale, CA 91203;
tel. no. 818-476-0082

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