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New Year, New Hope, and New Dreams for 2012 in employment & immigration!



Marge H. Ordiales, Vice President of CSI Professionals, Inc.


While we all know that New Year’s resolutions are far easier to make than they are to keep, we still tend to be satisfied right after we make them. Of course, this should not be the case if you want to make this New Year, YOUR year.

Since 2006,Southern Californiahas had the lowest unemployment rate as announced last December 2011. Even so, it will still depend on you whether you can make the New Year more successful, more productive, and happier than the previous year in terms of getting a good job, AND even better, a permanent-based sponsorship.

The most important things to consider are: planning ahead of time, making the right decisions, and acting right away. Knowing that these are imperative, taking yourself outside your comfort zone, broadening your horizons, and checking out a new corner of the world, also give you fears. Everyone has fears of one kind or another, and overcoming them can be a real battle. It is a without doubt that overcoming these kinds of battles is not easy. Even though CSI is always here to help those who are trying to achieve their goals by overcoming their fears, you as a CSI client (and a warrior for your own life’s battles) should also have to have a positive outlook in your life.

Stop thinking about the negative’s of the past.  Those are already history. There is absolutely nothing you can do about them today except to learn from them. Put the past mistakes behind you; then start a totally new year with CSI.

January 27, 2012 can be the day of new beginnings, new perspectives, new hopes, new dreams and the new YOU. We want YOU to attend our seminar on January 27, 2012 so you can give yourself the chance to start the year right and to re-start or re-charge your goals. The FREE seminar will be from 1:30 PM until4:30 PM at 100 N. Brand Blvd6th floorGlendale,CA91203.

The seminar will be an open discussion with Miss Marge Ordiales, Vice President of CSI Professionals Inc, who will discuss about current job openings; and one of our retained lawyers, Nelson and Associates, will be there to educate hopeful immigrants about available options in applying for working visas and permanent based sponsorship. Live testimonials from our recent successful and fast placements will share their experiences in achieving their American Dream. Lastly, there will be a job interview workshop with Mr. Paul Martinez, a Sr. Management and Training Analyst of City of Los Angeles, to advise you on how to land a job fast.

This is your chance to join us and learn more about the most recent and important issues on employment and immigration; and also improve your job interview skills. You may also bring a copy of your resume for an initial assessment.

The year of 2012 is a year of a Water Dragon. If you have a positive outlook in life, you can become like the dragon which symbolizes success and happiness. The New Year gives us   New Hope. It is like every morning when we wake-up; we face a new day and a new hope to be our best in everything that we do. Again, achieving your goals in life can be done by planning ahead of time, making the right decisions, and acting right away through the help of CSI. Become a “Do It Now” person. Remember that one of the greatest killers of achievement is procrastination.  Please call our office at 213-487-5059 for further details and to reserve seats if you really want to make this New Year, YOUR year.


After the employment and immigration seminar on January 27, CSI will be hosting a Coffee Moment Event from February 17, onwards inGlendale,California. In here, you can find best matched companies. You can personally talk to our Employment Expert and have an interview with a Sr. Management and Training Analyst from City ofLos Angeles. CSI will introduce a new program called, the 8 WEEK ONE-ON-ONE MENTORING. We will continuously push through with an innovative tool that gives a new and improved applicant in you, in just 8 hours! The right match; the right job, only at CSI!

To schedule a free consultation here in Los Angeles,
or request information on our next seminar,
Please call and visit us in our office locations:
LA Corporate Office:3255 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1520, Los Angeles, CA
90010; tel. no. 213-487-5059
Glendale Branch Office: 100 N. Brand Blvd. 6th Floor Glendale, CA 91203;
tel. no. 818-476-0082

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