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CSI will be offering its official Internship Program to qualified candidates, in the field of Public Relations and Marketing, effective January 2012. In coordination with various candidates from ASIA andDenmark, we aim to spread the wings of the Western training, throughout the world.


Motivation as Resolution in the year of the Dragon

Marge H. Ordiales, Vice President of CSI Professionals, Inc.


For CSI, our New Year’s resolution is not only for our own good, but for the public. CSI’s objective is to continue its public service to educate and help more immigrant hopefuls in order to achieve their American Dream in finding sponsoring companies and to live lawfully in theU.S.Another goal is to make the public become more aware about the advantages and disadvantages of applying for H1B now than later.


While there is no confirmation as to how many or what selection process or for how long the H1B Visa Cap will be open, it is encouraged that interested applicants file for their H1B immediately to attain one of the 65,000 visa numbers available. For the past years, it was through a lottery or random selection process. Filing for an H1B, like any other types of visa is risky. Now that still in economic recession and everything is unpredictable, we do not know how the government, through the immigration will process this visa for this year.  Filing for H1B petitions opens on April 1, and employment commences on October 1. Therefore, to be qualified for H1B, you must have legal status until October of 2012. Potential petitioners may already prepare to file for their H1B petitions on April 1 since trends, as mentioned, show that the quota can be closed in just a few days after opening.


To know more about these advantages and disadvantages in addition to your available visa options, you may want to attend our seminar on January 27, 2012 from 1:30 PM until 4:30 PM. The venue is at100 N. Brand BlvdGlendale,CA91203.


Guest Speakers:

1. Marge H. Ordiales, Vice President of CSI Professionals – to know more about our current job openings and how we can help them find a sponsoring company

2. Attorney Flank from Nelson & Associates – our retained lawyer will discuss about your available visa options. He will also discuss about the current changes in immigration.

3. Mr. Paul Martinez, a Sr. Management and Training Analyst of City of Los Angeles – will discuss about job interview tips and conduct mock interview.

4. Testimonials from our current approved H1B to share her journey in achieving American Dream.


This is your chance to join us and learn more about the most recent and important issues on employment and immigration; and also improve your job interview skills. You may also bring a copy of your resume for an initial assessment.  For further details and to reserve seats, please call our office at 213-487-5059.


Since the year of 2012 is a year of a Water Dragon which defines “The Dragon is a reminder everyone has dreams and that the time to pursue them is now.” Act now; join our seminar before it becomes too late. Let CSI help you to achieve your dream in theU.S.


To schedule a free consultation here inLos Angeles,

or request information on our next seminar,

Please call and visit us in our office locations:

LA Corporate Office:3255 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1520,Los Angeles,CA90010; tel. no. 213-487-5059

GlendaleBranch Office:100 N.Brand Blvd.6th Floor Glendale,CA 91203; tel. no. 818-476-0082



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