Perfect Combination: An Employment and Immigration Seminar

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Independence Day, commonly known as 4th of July, is the celebration which indicates the freedom that the Americans regained from the occupation of Great Britain. For the Filipino-American community, the 4th of July is not only a celebration of the Independence Day but also of the “Filipino-American Friendship Day”. Filipinos and Americans proved that even two different races or “magkaibang lahi”, can join forces to achieve the same goal: to free the Filipinos from the Japanese occupation at the end of World War II.

On July 15, 2011, CSI Professionals Inc and the Law Offices of Mary Lyn T. Sanga will prove the same principle: different forces that form a partnership to utilize their strengths in achieving better results.

Through an informative and proactive seminar, immigrant hopefuls will get to explore their available options in applying for working visas and permanent based sponsorship’s; and get advise on how to land a job, fast.

Our Vice President, Marge Ordiales will discuss about the job opportunities and realities in achieving the American Dream. After this, the Law Offices of Mary Lyn T. Sanga will tackle on various working visa categories through employment petition.

In addition, one of our former clients who recently received her working visa approval will share her experience with CSI.

The event will be concluded with a Job interview Workshop by Mr. Paul Martinez, a Sr. Management and Training Analyst for more than 1000 employees in the city of Los Angeles. He will be conducting a free workshop to teach our concerned public and clients how to land a job for their immediate working visa sponsorship. He will also be assisting a mock interview with the attendees to further enhance their interview skills.

For those who missed this similar opportunity last June 3, 2011, this is your chance to join us and learn more about the most recent and important issues on employment and immigration; and also improve your job interview skills. You may also bring a copy of your resume for an initial assessment.  For further details and to reserve seats, please call our office at 213-487-5059.

To schedule a free consultation here in Los Angeles,
Please call and visit us in our office locations:

LA Corporate Office:3255 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1520,Los Angeles,CA90010;
Tel. no. 213-487-5059


Glendale Branch Office: 100 North Brand Blvd. 6th Floor, Glendale CA 91203

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