On Employment and Immigration – CSI Still awakens the FIL-AM Community

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Many countries celebrate their independence day as a commemoration of the freedom that they fought for or was granted with. For us Filipinos, June 12, 1898 was when our freedom from the Spanish rule was declared; but it actually wasn’t until July 4, 1946 when the U.S. recognized Philippine Independence. On August 4, 1964,President Diosdado Macapagal signed into law Republic Act No. 4166 designating June 12 (previously, the “Flag Day”), as the Philippine’s Independence Day, thus, our yearly commemoration of freedom every 12th of June.

Until now, Philippine Independence Day is well celebrated, and it also serves as a reminder for each and every Filipino (even if based abroad), that we are a free people and that our heroes had to offer their lives so that we, the present generation and the many more generations after us can be proud of being a free nation. It also reminds us that Filipinos help and reach out to each other even if separated by a great distance or stationed in a different place.

CSI Professionals Inc is a Filipino-American Employment Agency in California. Being in the service business, it believes that “service” should not be caged in being just a classification of business. Corporate social responsibility is also a very important activity that should always be carried out in promoting goodwill. For over 16 years in successful operations, it has been enforcing Filipino values and corporate responsibility while helping our clients find employment and permanent residency in the United States.

In connection with this, another successful Employment and Immigration Seminar was conducted by CSI last June 3, 2011. The service-oriented event helped our immigrant hopefuls learn about their available options in terms of working visas and permanent based applications; and enhance their job interview skills as well as prepare for their finance & banking needs.
Our Vice President, Marge Ordiales discussed about the job opportunities and realities in achieving the American Dream. This was followed by one of our legal experts, Nelson and Associates, who provided a better approach to various working visa categories through employment petition.

Having a summer themed seminar, our special guest, Primerica, made it more exciting by doing a raffle for our attendees. In addition, one of our former clients who recently received her working visa approval shared her experience with CSI.
The event concluded with a Job interview Workshop who was facilitated by Mr. PaulMartinez. He conducted a free workshop to teach our concerned public and clients how to land a job for their immediate working visa sponsorship. He also volunteered to do a mock interview with the attendees to further enhance their interview skills.

Aside from CSI’s goal of helping our fellow Kababayans in obtaining their working visa and permanent residency, it has not forgotten its roots. To commemorate the 113thPhilippine Independence Day, CSI celebrated this momentous event and participated last June 10 and 12 to support Filipino American Community in celebrating the Philippine Independence Day. The event was very successful. Our Employment and Immigration Specialists conduct a personal consultation to answered the guest’s inquiries and gave them an initial assessment based on their credentials.

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