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Start, so you may Begin.

CSI Professionals on Taking the first step to Your American Dream

Spring is a season for change, a season for making big plans, a season for new beginnings and a season for life. Similarly, in your journey towards your American Dream, CSI is here to help you to begin, process and attain your very own H1B working visa.

Last April 25, 2011, CSI conducted the seminar entitled “H1B FY: 2011-2012: Count Me In” which awakened our concerned public with current issues/changes in U.S. employment and immigration, and their eligibility in applying for a working visa.

The seminar was divided in different segments to discuss U.S. employment, immigration and other relevant services on financial assistance; and to facilitate a job interview workshop. CSI’s vice president, Ms. Marge Ordiales, announced current job opportunities with CSI and discussed the realities involved in achieving the American Dream. The immigration discussion was presented by one of our expert legal counsels, Nelson and Associates, who provided the public a better understanding and approach to their working visa applications.

Special guests and sponsors from Primerica and Wells Fargo shared their programs on financing and personal banking, to help our attendees start and sustain practical American living. Primerica is one of the largest financial marketing firms inNorth America; and they sponsored the snacks for the event. Another guest speaker was one of our former clients, who is in the placement stage of our services. He shared his experience with CSI and gave an inspirational message to our immigrant hopefuls.

The seminar ended with a Job Interview Workshop by Mr. Paul Martinez, a Sr. Management and Training Analyst for more than 1000 employees in the city of Los Angeles. He conducted a free workshop to teach our concerned public and clients how to land a job for their immediate working visa sponsorship. Mr. Paul also volunteered to conduct a mock interview after the seminar to further enhance their job interview skills.

For those who missed this opportunity, CSI will again be hosting a Free Employment and Immigration Summer Session on June 3, 2011, Friday at the Glendale Office 100 North Brand Blvd. 6th floor, Glendale California, 91203. Learn more about the most recent and important issues on employment and immigration, and at the same time, enhance your job interview skills. For further details and to reserve seats, please call our office at 213-487-5059.

Please call and visit us in our office locations:

LA Corporate Office:3255 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1520,Los Angeles,CA90010;

Tel. No. (213) 487-5059

GlendaleBranch Office:100 N. Brand Blvd., 6th Floor,Glendale,CA91203;

Tel. No. (818) 476-0082

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