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CSI Professionals, Inc. Seminars presents: H1B FY 2011-2012: Count me In

 H1B Season has started! USCIS opened its doors to new H1B applications last April 1, 2011, marking the beginning of the H1B season for FY 2012.

CSI Professionals, Inc. has been prepping the public for this important period, and we will continue to do so until there is still time for YOU to get YOUR OWN H1B WORKING VISA. Yes, we’re on a roll and still giving our all, in spreading vital information and preparedness advice for H1B FY 2012.

Last March 25, 2011, CSI seminars (March edition) was re-joined by Nelson & Associates, one of our expert legal counsels; who brought to the public a more in-depth understanding and approach to working visa applications for new, current and future cases. CSI in turn, being the expert in employment and career placements, discussed through its very own, Ms. Marge Ordiales, how you can start your life, career and future with the help of CSI’s tested and professional service and assistance.

That particular seminar entitled, “The Most Sought After H1B Visa: Do you know what it is? Can you apply for it?” was very well attended. With so many people who wanted to receive news and education about H1B visas and immigrant and non-immigrant visas, CSI had to divide the audience into two groups, to accommodate all the immigrant hopefuls.

CSI invited other guest speakers: representatives from Primerica, Wells Fargo and various international schools—to help our attendees prepare for their life in America. Primerica is the largest financial services marketing firm in North America. It’s representative, Cristina Abog, imparted their services and shared the secret on how to become debt free; While Ila Fragada from Wells Fargo imparted how they can help our overseas workers to open a bank account. She also promoted the company’s program that assists overseas workers with their finances and debts; and gave tips on how to save money while working. During the break, their good office provided snacks from one of our sponsors, Panera Bread Café. Vanessa Karam, an International Student Adviser from University of the West, gave their school information and course offerings, as an alternative solution or route for our candidates.

On a more significant note, a lecture on H1-B and H1B visa application preparedness, care of Nelson and Associates (A Professional Law Corporation), was delivered by  Attorney Franklin Nelson, himself. Aside from educating the attendees on non-immigrant visas, he talked about H1B job titles being the “specialty occupation jobs”. He also discussed the trend on H1B Cap Closing dates, all of which should have been seriously considered by the attendees in deciding and taking the first step in employment-based visa application through H1B or other relevant working visas, for that matter.

An open forum followed the lecture. Conducted by Atty. Nelson and Ms. Marge Ordiales, the audience’s respective questions on immigration, working visas and employment were answered, with more emphasis on the timely H1B application and the current job openings one can apply for, through CSI. A live testimonial was given by a recently approved H1B applicant, to inspire the audience.

IF YOU MISSED THAT OPPORTUNITY, another enhanced FREE SEMINAR will be offered to the public, on April 29. The “H1B FY 2011-2012: Count me In” seminar will be joined by a new guest speaker, Mr. Paul Martinez, who is a Sr. Management & Training Analyst for more than 1000 employees in the city of Los Angeles. He will be conducting a free job interview workshop to teach our concerned public how to land a job, fast, for their immediate working visa sponsorship. Ms. Marge Ordiales will be talking about employment in the U.S.; and Atty. Franklin Nelson will discuss about U.S. immigration and employment-based visa applications and preparedness. Our friends from Wells Fargo and Primerica will still be with us, as they offer their services to help our overseas workers start and sustain practical American living.

H1b visa availability ends fast with uncertain closing times. BE PREPARED. Anticipate and go for that job and working visa that you are qualified for and will benefit from. Don’t get left behind again. Attend our seminar and you will know what you have been missing in terms of assistance and opportunity. Seats are limited and reserved through 213-487-5059.

Please call and visit us in our office locations:

LA Corporate Office: 3255 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1520, Los Angeles, CA 90010;Tel. no. 213-487-5059

Glendale Branch Office: 100 N. Brand Blvd. 6th Floor Glendale, CA 91203;Tel. no. 818-476-0082

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