Employment and Immigration Seminar in San Francisco

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It is said that being prepared is always better. Expecting the worst, and investing time and effort to protect oneself from possible danger is a “good investment”.  In addition, preventive measures are way better than desperate measures. It is just a matter of making a quick but wise choice while it is early.

Being the employment agency that pioneered giving free employment and immigration seminars in Southern California, another seminar was hosted by CSI last January 28. H1B filing season is approaching and it is once again the season and the chance to be re-acquainted with your options and become prepared.

The H1B quota for FY 2011 was recently achieved, and the H1B visa numbers for the next fiscal year are once again available, with the cap waiting to be filled. Again, there is no guarantee as to the closing date of accepting applications; just depends on how fast people apply, how fast cases get adjudicated and how fast the quota is reached.

In the seminar, it highlighted visa options for different types or histories of cases. More importantly, it advised that “wearing the H1B helmet” is the practical and protective option to go for, in starting or continuing an immigrant hopeful’s life in America. Guests and attendees from different areas in Los Angeles benefited from this important discussion.

Meanwhile, and speaking of being prepared, CSI announced its upcoming seminars in San Francisco and Las Vegas. The seminar in San Francisco will be on Feb. 26, 2011 at the Philippine Center Social Hall, 447 Sutter St. San Francisco, CA 94108, and will run from 1-5 pm. Now, fellow Kababayans and other locals will get the chance to know more about their visa options and CSI’s employment services. This time, special guest speakers Consul Alfonso Ver and Liza Menez from Devry University, Fremont will be joining us in spreading updates and options that immigrant hopefuls deserve to know. The schedule for Las Vegas will be announced, soon.

Be informed, be aware, and be helped, through CSI—your trusted employment agency will help you prepare, start and live your American Dream. CSI will be going to San Francisco on Feb. 26! Reserve your seats now for you, your friends and family. Call 213-487-5059. We shall see you soon, in the Bay Area.

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