“CSI’s Thanksgiving 2010: Gratitude and Attitude for an Eco-Friendly Holiday”

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After all of CSI’s successful employment and immigration seminars, workshops and fundraising events this year, we at CSI would like to thank everyone who participated, contributed, and supported our events for our clients and the community. As we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, CSI would like to share its vision and gratitude for this holiday.

Thanksgiving is a holiday to express gratitude to God, family, and friends for all the blessings of material possessions and relationships. This is the tradition of giving thanks for bounty gifts that we continuously receive, and CSI also considers it as the time to reflect and give back to the community.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this 2010, CSI would like to share and promote its efforts of taking action in saving our Mother Earth. With our planet’s current situation, an eco-friendly lifestyle is something many of us try to do at home and at work. All of us should practice green living at all times, no matter where we are. Our company, CSI Professionals Inc., is supporting this cause by using recycled papers to create Christmas decors for our office. Bond papers need not be thrown right away. The clean, back pages can still be used for other internal correspondences that need printing. In addition, we are also supporting the Green Program by sending our used cartridges and toners to our local office supplies provider. These are just some ways on how we can help save the environment from our work place. There are endless possibilities on how we can help lessen all the kinds of pollution that our earth is experiencing right now, especially through recycling and re-using things.

And in the tradition of giving THANKS for shared bounty, we would like to take this “GOLDEN” opportunity to THANK YOU ALL for your continuous support and trust in the 15 years that we have been serving the public in the fields of employment and immigration.

In addition, in thanksgiving and in celebration of a fruitful year, CSI will be hosting a year end seminar on December 9/10, 2010. Please call us at 213-487-5059 for more details and to RESERVE your seats.

Please call and visit us in our office locations:

LA Corporate Office: 3255 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1520, Los Angeles, CA 90010;

Tel. No. (213) 487-5059

Glendale Branch Office: 100 N. Brand Blvd., 6th Floor, Glendale, CA 91203;

Tel. No. (818) 476-0082

Our website: www.csiprofessionalsinc.com


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