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CSI Professionals, Inc.:

Continuing it’s Stand for the Fil-Am Community 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and for CSI’s Vice-President, this is an issue that is very close to her heart. Thus, it became a need to include this topic in CSI’s October seminar.

Last October 27, a diverse group of new inquiries comprised this seminar’s attendees, holding B1/B2 (tourist), H1B (for transfer), E2 and J1 visas. There were even green card holders looking for more job opportunities related to their professions, since most people who are already in this status resort to taking caregiving positions to sustain their families and even extended families in the Philippines. 

Working visa options, Immigration updates and the Dream act were explained to the audience, to cater to the different concerns that they or other concerned publics may have.

CSI’s Vice-President discussed the history and hope given by the candidates during the recent Philippine elections on people staying in the country because of available opportunities which should be considered instead of those in foreign countries, and that going abroad should just be an option, not a necessity or out of desperation. CSI’s role is not to pull out the best from our home county and place them in various positions, but to give these applicants opportunities here in the USA, for their and their family’s benefit while still carrying Filipino moral values which sets us apart from others. Idealism in a foreign land and learned lessons from fellowmen from the same situations were also shared to the audience, which also introduced CSI’s related projects on social responsibility from 2006 up to the present, through an audio-visual presentation. CSI has been involved in helping the less fortunate or the sick both in the Philippines and the U.S., keeping in mind that with more material blessings as compared to others, we do not take them for granted, instead, we share them to those in need. How fortunate we are, that most of us can still wake up everyday with food and shelter, while others, even if they have means, are stuck with the sad truth about their lives ending due to illnesses or diseases.

As for the Breast Cancer Awareness segment, CSI was honored to having been joined by a guest speaker from the American Cancer Society. Anna Cheney has been a volunteer since she retired from her nursing director position. She is active even at 75. She commuted all the way from West Hills to Glendale just to impart with us her knowledge on the general information and advocacy on Breast Cancer. With her wisdom and standpoint, she took the stage to talk to our audience and captured our hearts. Flyers and brochures with information and projects about breast cancer were handed out for additional material.

On the other hand, CSI’s Time to Rethink PINK Totebag and Cupcake sale in support of the American Cancer Society’s cause was a huge sensation! Patrons were not hesitant to share little $2 or $3 amounts to support our fundraising. Some were even victims of lay-offs or working visa status problems, but still had big hearts to share what they had for a noble cause.

An open forum was arranged toward the end of the function, and the usual individual consultations between our Vice-President/CSI staff and our clients were carried afterwards to discuss their cases and applications.

Indeed, CSI strives to cater to many major (if not all, in one event), common issues surrounding our clientele and Fil-Am community. Our public is sure to expect more from us, in bringing up and discussing current and important issues on Immigration and Employment in our monthly seminars and events. Watch out for our upcoming major year-ender event on December 3, 6, 9 and 10, 2010 in San Francisco and Los Angeles!

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