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CSI on Social Responsibility and

Being Grateful for 15 years of Service

September is not yet over, which means that for CSI, the month-long celebration of its 15th year anniversary is still ongoing.

Last September 24, 2010, CSI’s 2nd public event was another hit, when CSI hosted a seminar followed by a thanksgiving meal to a good number of eager attendees and guests.

The FREE 2-part event was supported by our guest speakers and affiliates from Strassburg, Gilmore and Wei LLP, (SGW) who discussed about vital information about U.S. immigration, and answered our attendees’ questions and concerns about employment and work authorization in the U.S.

This time, the seminar was inspired by the theme “Social Responsibility”. A video was shown to the audience, in the aim of reminding everyone that all of us have problems in life that we have to deal with, with faith and determination; and that there are people out there who are more devastated and in need of help. It might be a challenge in health, a family problem or an economic struggle or what not; but to everything, there is a solution and there are people who are more blessed and who should be able to help. One of the remarkable quotes that we’d like to share with you and which we learned from the video is, “Charity is not measured by the amount or cost;as long as it comes from the heart, help is always GREAT.”

After this segment, the assembly was brought to Panera Bread Cafe for a simple thanksgiving meal with our staff, just like in the September 17 event which this gathering followed, the week after. The question and answer portion was also held there, with the presence and assistance of our legal counsel from SGW. The attendees, being CSI’s special guests in its anniversary, were truly given the ‘special treatment’ when, while they were dining with our staff, their queries were answered by attorneys, in an open forum set-up.

Meanwhile, a finale is set to close CSI’s marathon of events, and this time, it will be a more private function. CSI is thankful to everyone who has been part of its success, especially to those who have been supportive since the beginning. CSI does not forget its roots and humble beginnings, thus, CSI will be celebrating with family and friends.

CSI thanks all our sponsors including Panera Bread Cafe for being the caterer in our events; and our affiliates and legal counsel who have taken part in the success of all our seminars and of course, our success as a company in our 15 years of service.

With grateful hearts and optimistic minds, CSI is thankful for the public’s trust in all our 15 years in operation; and we are more inspired to serve you better, in the many more years to come. CSI is proud and thankful for having remained to be your number one choice in employment and immigration services.

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