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CSI’s Seminar and Thanksgiving Event: A Masterpiece Dedicated

to 15 Years of Inspirational and Conscientious Service

Just like an artist’s great and successful work, CSI’s recent public event in celebration of its anniversary, was a huge success. As you may know, a series of events is set for the whole month of September for CSI’s 15th year in the employment industry; and the September 17, 2010 Seminar and Thanksgiving Event made the celebration more meaningful with the guesting of the public, CSI’s valuable clients and affiliates.

A multitude of clients have been served by CSI for all the years in its operations, and it is a great joy for CSI to celebrate this victory with people who are part of its success. CSI has always been inspired–by the public, by its employees, and by its values from which it stands for, that is why every work done is the product of conscientious principles; thus, CSI can be called ‘creator of masterpieces’, with it being an expert in this field and helping hundreds (if not thousands yet), in just a span of 15 years!

What gives CSI another reason to celebrate is the attention and support of multinational clients, and increased rates in placement and non-immigrant and immigrant visa approvals, that started shooting up this past few months! With this, CSI’s September 17 event had to be a combined informative and festive session, not forgetting its purpose of catering to the public’s employment and immigration concerns. Aside from the seminar, highlights of the first part of that session included the surprise announcement of another green card approval of one of CSI’s clients, who gave a heart-warming and much appreciated testimonial; followed by accounts from CSI’s recent and “fast” placements, who thanked CSI for its innovative and FREE Job Interview Skills Workshops.

The celebration was continued at Panera Café’a few blocks away from CSI’s Glendale Satellite Office. The mixer was opened by Panera’s regional catering coordinator and catering manager, who shared the same passion and vision like CSI. Afterwhich, Nelson and Associates, one of CSI’s legal counsel, as represented in the event by Atty. Frank Nelson and Team were invited to take the stage. They facilitated an open discussion with the concerned public and gave a speech about their working relationship with CSI Professionals, Inc. in which they took the audience back to the years when their office and CSI were just starting. With both of their offices having blossomed into what they are today, and having walked side by side throughout the years truly made their professional relationship meaningful and important.

Let us not forget the main event of that festive day. In the Thanksgiving Event, all guests enjoyed being served with pastries, fruits, sandwiches, coffee and lemonade, courtesy of Panera Bread; and a photo session was also made available through Ms. Melissa Enriquez. The public, clients, affiliates and supporters shared a simple meal with the CSI team in Thanksgiving for CSI’s 15 years of successful and reputable service, which paved ways to a much happier and fulfilled generation of Immigrants.

CSI remains thankful to its clients, affiliates and supporters. For without their trust, CSI’s inspiration will not be greatly fueled. And, CSI remains faithful to its purpose–CSI will continue to serve the public and its clients, and “color and inspire its clientele’s world”. Before summer ends, another FREE Seminar will be hosted on September 24, 2010 with its theme: Corporate Social Responsibility & CSI Giving Back to the Community. Call our office through the details below for more information and to RESERVE your seat. Need tips on job interviews or want answers to your employment and immigration concerns? It’s not too late to learn what CSI’s satisfied clients have been benefitting from, with our help.

We say that the greatest creation of an artist is a masterpiece. Creators of such are inspired by an ultimate purpose–for the arts or for the self; but what makes it noble is when the artist’s purpose is developed from good intentions. In all the things that we think of, say and do, everything must still be done unselfishly even if there is an aim of improving one’s standing or situation; in other words, “Don’t step on anyone’s toes”; for the rewards of selfless intentions are priceless.

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