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CSI at 15!

FREE Seminar and Thanksgiving Event for CSI’s

15 Years of Unbeaten Success and Boundless Inspiration

Just as rainbows would paint the sky with their display of breathtaking colors, the CSI staff has been ‘painting the town’ with all sorts of lively and inspiring colors, in anticipation and celebration of its 15 years in the employment industry.

Blasting off in July with a successful 2-part series of FREE seminars and workshops which continued until August of this year, CSI seminars added a new twist wherein job interview skills workshops are offered to its marketing clients in the aim of more impressive job interview performance and faster placement. CSI, as always, is delighted to have fellow Filipinos as attendees, but is also honored to have international F1 and J1 visa holders join our seminars and become beneficiaries of our cause.

Aside from giving free information on U.S. employment and immigration, and facilitating simulation trainings, CSI never forgets to instill in its applicants the values that they need to bring with them throughout their journey of looking, finding and embracing being a part of America’s workforce and populace. True enough, since CSI has been sporting and patronizing colors which signify warmth, comfort, calmness, purity, increased energy levels and treatment to pain,–positive and rather healing effects were imparted to our immigrant hopefuls and seminar attendees.

This act of spreading positivity and good intentions doesn’t stop here. For CSI, 15 years of exceptional placement services and immigration assistance calls for not one day, but a month-long celebration! A marathon of events is set for the month of September 2010, and the public is invited to take part in a festive, FREE seminar and simulated interview skills workshop on Sept. 17 & 18. Live testimonials from our recent successful and ‘fast’ placements and approved Green Card holders will be featured, and there will be FREE MEALS and SURPRISE GIVEAWAYS!  This is our way of giving thanks to our clients, colleagues, affiliates and the public who have trusted us all these years. In thanksgiving and with more inspiration, CSI will continue to color our clientele’s world with hope and positivity for more triumphant years to come.

With this, CSI has proved that there is no need to wait until after stormy weathers to see colors of hope. In fact, CSI has seen beyond the hope that it has been dwelling on and spreading around for the past years. All sacrifices and good intentions are bearing fruit, as indicated by more visa approvals and more hiring and successful placements. One can after all, exude rainbow colors even in the summer, when everything is seen and appreciated in the bright sunshine, and when everyone is given the chance to exude their true potential.

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