CSI Professionals, Inc on Managing Time

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Why Dinner Should Start at 6 PM

CSI Professionals, Inc. on Managing Time

The lines “I’m on my way” holds a very special entry in every Filipino’s daily vocabulary. Be it in the bathroom hastily splashing on some cologne, or in the kitchen trying to devour a sandwich in three bites, when the person you’re meeting up calls and asks for your location, those four words would spill out as if on auto-pilot. This is what you call running on Filipino Time: when dinner set at 6:00 PM would start 7:00 PM.

Though this line might work back home, it doesn’t here in the U.S. Not arriving on your appointed time means you hold poor control over how you manage your time. This could be a mark against you for prospective business associates or employers. This could also be an irreparable mistake you can commit when dealing with immigration deadlines.

As our commitment to disseminate important information regarding immigration updates and procedures to the public, CSI Professionals Inc. provided a free seminar last May 27, 2010 in Glendale. Ms. Marge Ordiales, Vice-President of CSI Professionals, advised attendees of both morning and afternoon sessions on the current path to citizenship, how the process of employment based petition works, the importance of maintaining status and the different options to achieve it, and several misleading truths on particular part-time jobs.

Also discussed in the seminar were some important dates pertinent to employment-based petition applications. Included in the discussion is one of the more popular non-immigrant visas, the H1B. The H1B is capped annually at 65,000. Below are the numbers of petitions received since USCIS started accepting applications on April 1. It would be best to inquire about the availability of this visa soon as there is no set date on when the cap will be reached.

As Of 2009 2010
April 8/9 42,000 13,500
April 22/21 44,000 16,025
May 6/4 45,000 18,000
May 21/22 45,700 19,600

Setting up one hour advances on lunch and dinner dates might guarantee good, timely turn-outs for smart hosts. But to make sure you don’t pass out on immigration solutions applicable to your case, taking in the time as it is would be the smarter move. It’s high time to move to a different time zone; because, really being “on your way” will always beat out being “on your way” while still in your pajamas.

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