Educate Thy Self

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Educate Thy Self

CSI Professionals, Inc on Providing Immigration

Solutions to the Immigrant Aspirant

Yellow, Green and Orange may be the hottest colors this season. This summer trend has been seen to dominate the sidewalk scene in the Philippines. Though this kind of election campaign was for the sole purpose of easy identification and association, what should really be given more attention to are the electoral candidates’ platforms. What are their goals and how are they planning to reach them? It is only after a thorough examination of each candidates’ platform that one can make an informed vote. Similarly, one must take a closer look at the U.S. Immigration System to make informed immigration decisions.

So you come here in the U.S., ready to live the American life; what comes next? First you must know what it is you want to end up with. You need to place a goal in mind to serve as your finish line; then look up on the various avenues, landmarks and side streets you will have to drive through to reach your destination. Is getting that Green Card in your hands haunting your vision even with your eyes closed? Then you’ll have to educate yourself and find out how you’re supposed to turn that vision into reality. Know what type of visa you’re holding, the available non-immigrant working visas applicable to you, and how you can apply for these employment-based petitions.

An example of a non-immigrant working visa is the H1B visa. This visa might not be usually discussed as an option for a tourist visa-holder to apply because the application period would, historically, start and end on the same day. This year’s application period, which started on April 1, is still open. It would be best to inquire and take advantage of this visa availability while it lasts.

To learn more about the available visas and which ones you may qualify, we encourage you to attend our FREE seminar on Thursday, May 27, 2010, or schedule a free consultation with our office.

As elections back home are drawing into a conclusion and politicians (both the triumphant and unsuccessful ones) are getting ready to face the installment of the new administration, so should immigrant aspirants be getting ready to face their own journey towards attaining a Green Card. Just remember to know your goal, know your choices, and cast your immigration decisions wisely.

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