Brace Yourselves

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Professors would often joke that a student without a pen in class is like a soldier going to war without a gun. We usually brush off the joke; but, not the embarrassment resulting from the loud speaker comment made by the professor right before he/she withholds your exam questionnaire until you find a pen. Even if you aren’t that one person still looking for a spare pen around while everyone else is busily answering their exams, just seeing that happen to someone will make you want to check your pens before you go to that class again. And just like that panicking student looking for some classmate to have mercy on him/her and lend him/her a pen, being in a foreign country with nothing to support and safeguard your legal stay would be asking for it.

To educate the public on the importance of being prepared, CSI Professionals, Inc. provided a FREE seminar last April 30, 2010 in Glendale. Topics discussed were several emergency measures and tools for employment and immigration policies applicable to Filipinos who wish to attain immigrant status in the US. Ms. Marge Ordiales, Vice-President of CSI Professionals, Inc. presided over the morning and afternoon sessions of the event.

The seminar was well-attended with some attendees even coming in from out-of-state. Options on how to change between nonimmigrant visas, how to find sponsoring companies, how to maintain status and the different visa fallbacks available were presented to the individuals who came. They were also advised on which category they can qualify for an Employment-based Petition.

Included as one of the non-immigrant working visas a tourist visa-holder can transfer to maintain status is the H1B visa. We’re pleased to inform our readers that USCIS is still accepting H1B applications as of this moment. As we have reported before, the period for H1B applications a few years past would usually start and end on the same day. This year’s application period, which started on April 1, is still open. Since there are no dates set for the deadline of applications, it would be best to inquire soon.

We’ve all heard of stories about a relative of a relative failing to get their status approved because of some misguided notion on application requirements or whatnot. Let’s not be another relative of a relative anecdote. Be it in the classroom or in real life, channel your inner Boy/Girl Scout and be laging handa (always ready) and have your pens and papers always on hand.

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