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What’s ahead in 2010: Comprehensive Immigration Reformand more for shifts in U.S. Immigration

CSI Professionals, Inc. wants YOU to be READY.

Another year, another start, and as usual, another series of anticipated shifts and changes in U.S. Immigration.

What can we expect from the Immigration this year? Last year, most discussions and articles revovled around “immigration reform” because of several efforts to pursue it; but until now, there is no concrete or clear indication of its implementation.

It can be said that this time is critical for immigration reform to take place. With immigrants being held responsible by some groups for the drastic shooting up of the unemployment rate, the most awaited immigration reform may still be realized in 2010 if Senators Schumer and Graham can collect 60 votes through the formation of a bill. This bill may be launched in the coming weeks. We need to stay updated and informed about this.

Immigration reform will not only favor the many undocumented aliens, but also the U.S. economy. A report from the Center for American Progress and Immigration Policy Center shows that a comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship for illegal aliens would yield a $1.5 trillion increase to the economy’s growth. From a new study by Dr. Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda of UCLA, the same projected increase to the U.S. GDP over a ten year period “…would create billions in tax revenue and consumer spending support hundreds of thousands of jobs…”

As much as there is a great number of people awaiting this comrehensive immigration reform, there are also many dedicated supporters for this campaign. One of them is New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In his pledge to promote a more open U.S. immigration policy during his thirm term, he noted on his interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press”, “We’re committing what I call national suicide. Somehow or other, after 9/11 we went from reaching out and trying to get the best and the brightest to come here, to trying to keep them out. In fact, we do the stupidest thing, we give them educations and then don’t give them green cards.”

On the other hand, while the ongoing battle for immigration reform is taking place, beneficiaries and employers must still be on track and well-informed about shifts and possible delays in their ongoing applications’ processes:

Prevailing Wage Requests

The Department of Labor is centralizing and federalizing the process of Requests for Prevailing Wage, effective January 1, 2010. “Requestors must submit PWD requests to the NPWHC by U.S. Mail or comparable physical delivery service…”: This means that there might be possible delays in processing your Labor Certification, H1B,    H-1B1 and E3 non-immigrant programs.

According to the DOL rule, they will be switching to an electronic system, but there is no announcement as to when they will implement such.

Affected cases should commence processing for their applications in anticipation of this delay and other delays such as the recent implementation of the iCERT system.

Icert System

The Department of Labor has terminated the old system in certifying Labor Condition Applications (LCA) effective last July 1, 2009. They shifted to the new iCERT system which compelled DOL to certify or deny the LCA form within 7 working days from the date that the LCA was received.

LCA’s may now only be filed through this new system, but employers or attorneys will still have online access to check cases’ status and LCA withdrawals.

Employers, attorneys and need to be informed of these new policies and they need to process applications for the beneficiaries, ahead of time. In connection with these changes, CSI Professionals Inc. meets and greets the new year with its 1st seminar for 2010. In continuation of its monthly seminars, another seminar will be held on January 30, 2010 for those who are looking for work and employment sponsorhip; and for those who have current cases or applications who need to be forewarned about the new policies in U.S. Immigration.

Moreover, our ‘Kababayans’ need to watch out for us in Manila! CSI in Manila, 2010 – employment and immigration options in the US need not be confined in the US… Following its successful Manila visit in 2007, CSI is going to MANILA again, in 2010 to deliver the good news in US employment and immigration to our “kapwa” Filipinos. The news will be delivered to YOU. Come see us in Manila on February 2010! Inform your relatives and friends as early as now. Watch out for more details on this grand event, in our upcoming advertisements.

As CSI always says, you should be aware of your options. The source of information is available FOR you. You will never know, unless you’ll never COME to know.

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