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Pasasalamat sa Taon at mga Biyaya ng ‘09

CSI Professionals, Inc. — Celebrating Christ, Giving & Giving Thanks

“Pasko, Pasko, Pasko nananaman’g muli. “ The Christmas bells and carols in the ever-festive Philippines may have been clanking too hard, that they have reached the ears of Filipinos overseas (even if protected by ear muffs during this time). Then, the true Filipino realizes that being situated far from home, there is always that longing for the spirit of “Paskong Pinoy” – those familiar Pinoy Christmas traditions and of course, the warmth and smiles that only our families can give us, especially during this time of year.

Most Filipinos in the U.S. have been too busy sacrificing as immigrants—working hard for foreign companies and the foreign country itself just to get by every single day in this time of great economic recession; and to somehow bring something to the tables of their families back in the Philippines.

Mainly, Christmas is the most awaited time of year; and in this period of economic struggle, Christmas is still celebrated even just in simplicity and with those closest to our hearts, if not wholly with those physically closest to where we actually are.

The important thing is, we celebrate Christmas not because we simply have to, but because Christ is in and has been in our lives. Moreover, this is a time of giving and thanksgiving. Though we ourselves are working hard to survive, we here in the U.S. are experiencing the benefits not found back home. We can’t have the best of both worlds. It’s a matter of priorities, sacrifices and battles that we have to triumph over to be what we want to become.

Give thanks for the year that was, and give thanks despite challenges for it is with these that a person becomes stronger and the more that these events call us closer to Christ; thus, celebrate Christ!

Similarly, CSI Professionals is celebrating Christ and is giving thanks for a good year, 2009. CSI thanks all its clients, collegues, immigration counsel and partners, advertisers, friends and supporters. We extend to you our sincere gratitude — for it is with good clients and partners that make our business possible and meaningful. Likewise, for those who have been expressing their gratitude to us, we say that it is our pleasure that we’ve work with and for them. It feels good to help our kababayan’s and to make them realize the virtue of hope.

Be reasons for others’ thanksgiving. Spread the good; for the rewarding feeling of having helped someone is PRICELESS.

We look forward to another year with you. If you haven’t been shed light to your employment and immigration concerns, CSI is here for you and CSI is coming for YOU on MANILA January-February of 2010!

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