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Last Hurrah for 2009!

CSI Professionals, Inc.: Wrapping Up Its Marathon of Free Seminars

With a Powerful Year-Ending Seminar

CSI Professionals, Inc., being the pioneer in providing free seminars on employment-based sponsorship and immigration updates, has yet again delivered a powerful marathon of free monthly seminars in 2009.

CSI welcomed this year with a series of “Coffee Moments” – CSI’s traditional small group seminars on case-specific employment and immigration concerns. These took place on January 21, February 6 and February 27 in its Glendale satellite office, and catered to existing clients. Their particular cases were discussed in a more private set-up, and they were advised by our expert immigration counsel.

On the other hand, the more generic but very informative seminars were delivered to the public on the following dates: August 5, September 18,  September 26, October 16 and November 6 – with the September 18 schedule being the Grand Seminar. Aside from reports and tips on employment-based petitions and updated information on immigration, the latest options to apply for Canadian permanent residency were also part of the seminars’ agenda.  As always, the seminars’ highlight is the question and answer segment wherein attendees have the chance to seek answers and alternatives from the CSI team and immigration attorneys.

To conclude their monthly affair, CSI will be giving it’s last hurrah on seminars for this year. On December 11, 2009, the interested public will have another chance to be updated on employment and immigration issues, especially now that everyone is anticipating BIG CHANGES in IMMIGRATION in 2010.

Indeed, it has been a busy year for CSI despite the economic “hibernation” (not anymore termed as “decline”; we, here always want to remain positive).

Aside from seminars (and events unmentioned  here), CSI will be sponsoring the  Christmas concert of the Filipino-American Symphony Orchestra on December 6, in support of Filipino and Filipino-American talents and culture.

Moreover, our ‘Kababayans’ need to watch out for us in Manila! CSI in Manila, 2010 – employment and immigration options in the US need not be confined in the US… Following its successful Manila visit in 2007, CSI is going to MANILA again, in 2010 to deliver the good news in US employment and immigration to our “kapwa” Filipinos. The news will be delivered to YOU. Come see us in Manila on February 2010! Inform your relatives and friends as early as now. Watch out for more details on this grand event, in our upcoming advertisements.

As CSI always says, you should be aware of your options. The source of information is available FOR you. You will never know, unless you’ll never COME to know.

To schedule a free consultation and to attend more of CSI’s

series of seminars for this year entitled: Immigration Today: Adapting to Change

Contact our office through the details below:

LA Corporate Office: 3255 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1520, Los Angeles, CA 90010;

tel. no. 213-487-5059

Glendale Branch Office: 100 N. Brand Blvd. 6th Floor Glendale, CA 91203;

tel. no. 818-476-0082

Our website is www.csi-professionals.com.

BLOG: csiprofessionalsinc.wordpress.com

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