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GOD AND BUSINESS: The Compatibility Issue

CSI Professionals in bringing both Religious Belief

and Business Principles in the Workplace

–          Bringing spirituality in the workplace violates the old idea that religious belief and business don’t mix;  But a groundswell of believers are breaching the last taboo in corporate America—-

United States CORPORATE establishments gradually incorporate different spiritual beliefs and values in the workplace.  Bringing up spirituality into the workplace does not mean encouraging others to believe in one religion but instead, to make the work environment more ethical and humane-to combine non believers and believers alike and find fulfillment and serenity in the workplace.  The idea of spirituality in the workplace triggers in controversy among businessmen in America.  They ask the question-should we mix religious belief with business?

As reported in the fortune in 1953, “American businessmen are taking more notice of God.”  The story noted that prayer groups were forming and that religious books are climbing up the best sellers list, and asked, “Is this a superficial, merely utilitarian movement or is it a genuine spiritual awakening?”

Incorporating spirituality and values in a workplace can generate a positive and fulfilling business environment.  Most of us spend 40 hours a week or more in our jobs.  Some of us consider it almost as our domicile or some as their sanctuary. (I do, even after 13 yrs in the industry).  Work can be stressful.  Deadlines are torture. However, having leaders who are guided by spiritual principles can somehow ease the burden.   Practicing spirituality enables one to respect each individual despite of his or her shortcomings.  Despite of the accomplishments of others, one must show humility and respect.  CSI definitely encourages such perspective.  CSI’s Management and staff believe in this kind of business–interacting with people is the main course; we must be patient and responsible for our clients’ successes.  We strongly believe in the saying that in business equation, people are the most intangible, the most complex element of a business. The only way to meet people is to start by reaching into yourself and by understanding yourself.  We must know what we believe in and what our  values are, before we can interpret others.  We must have respect among ourselves.  With God behind us, He helps us manage some difficult times that we had experienced all through out.

Looking back, the tragic and devastating incident that happened in New York last September 11, 2001, where many innocent lives were lost and crimes that are committed in the name of God or another, is an imperative example of the spiritual awakening of the whole nation, not only in the world of business.

The whole nation set aside each of their differences in beliefs and values and started to believe firmly in one GOD (though may be in many forms or names), and believe in his powers that he will help us bring the person(s) involved in this horrendous violence into justice and help America bounce back from its downfall.

It was one fall after the other, not only in the United States’ economic depression; but also around the world, including the Philippines.  For us Filipino-Americans, we continue to keep our faith; proving to the world our trait of resilience.

God is always watching over us.  His presence may not be as obvious as loosing a profit or going on a bankruptcy (in a business perspective), but as long as our faith is intact, he will be there to guide as all the way. He is watching every move that we make.  It is just a matter of faith and action.  Every deed  is triggered by a belief enforced by faith and hope. Therefor, we must not loose the faith and hope: the only ‘assets’ that we can hold on and rely to during these challenging times.  God will give us the courage and strength to fight, to move on with grace and show our adversaries that we still have the power—the will and power to be united and still able to DELIVER results.

I quote Mr. Hamilton Beazly, a former oil company executive who expressed intuitively, “Spirituality is in convergence with all the cutting- edge thinking in management and oraganizational behavior.  It creates a higher performing behavior.”

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