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Dealing with Adversity and the Current Economy:

Filipinos at heart, Filipinos in Action

CSI Professionals Inc. on Reaching Out to Typhoon Victims and Adaptations to Job Placement Concerns


Philippines – an archipelago whose weather is characterized by only two seasons (dry and rainy). While it only experiences limited weather patterns, calamities often brought about by such are very powerful and can cause extensive devastation.


For the past few weeks, the Philippines experienced two major typhoons which resulted to severe flooding; and per reports, there is another one soon to likely hit the northern part of the Philippines while restoration of the estimated 15 billion worth of damages incurred from Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng are still ongoing.


This tragic series of incidents in our home country triggered  the unity and “bayanihan”  among our people. Fellow Filipinos, even those based abroad, and people from other nations are reaching out to give support and donations whether it’s in kind or in cash.


Being a Filipino-American company, we at CSI professionals Inc. also want to help our kababayan’s. Participating in the benefit concert organized by GMA Network —  “WE ARE ONE”, we joined with our fellow Pinoys in raising funds for our affected brothers and sisters. This concert featured artists like Ms. Lea Salonga and Quest Crew dance group and other Filipino celebrities last October 22, 2009 at ALEX Theater in Glendale, CA. In addition, CSI will host its own fund drive on November entitled, “Ilakad, Ikanta, Magkaisa para sa Nasalanta” – a walk and promotions with a cause for typhoon victims.


People gather in the midst of a crisis; but taking to account these tragedies and the current global economic crisis, we can compare how the Philippines and the U.S. (as different nations),  deal with adversity. In example, U.S. unemployment shooting to 9.8% last September resorted to (if not more) budget cuts from the U.S. governent; while in the Philippines, where unemployment and the peso value have always been issues aside from its other major concerns; plus the fact that it’s now dealing with relief operations and recovery, is still struggling on which problem to attack first and or is suffering from “wrong manipulation of resources.”


Like people, different nations have their own ways of treating a problem. Tracing back to U.S. history, it looks like its going to be a V-shape recovery ahead, instead of a W-shaped economoy or double dip recession. The trend seems to be that the smaller job losses there are, the more they will pave way to job gains. We  hope for the same in the Phillipine setting, since this should be another chain reaction of economic trends.


How should one deal with a problem? Or better yet, how should one anticipate, prepare for or prevent a problem? We always advise our clients to be ready for possible challenges in employment and immigration concerns. In continuation of our free marathon of seminars, we are hosting another seminar on “Immigration: Adapting to Change” on November 6, 2009. Call our office through the details below to reserve your seat!


“The trials of life are far less important than how one deals with them.” Know your employment options and start dealing with them with your own determination and use available resources well. People are out there to help, but proven EXPERTS like CSI Professionals, Inc. have always been there waiting to  help YOU.




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