Affect Change: Ilakad, Ikanta, Magkaisa Para sa Nasalanta

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Affect Change: Ilakad, Ikanta, Magkaisa Para sa Nasalanta

CSI Professionals, Inc. on Fund-raising for Typhoon Ondoy Victims

“Everything flows, nothing stands still…No man can cross the same river twice…” – a wise aphorism and saying according to Heraclitus, a pre-Socratic Greek Philosopher.

If the river is the “change”, a man can not cross the “same” river twice because it’s in a constant, flowing movement. Just like the changes that we encounter everyday, even if characterized by sudden or slowly evolving alterations, they are permanent and inevitable and can happen in an instant. Just like the recent calamity that struck the Philippines just a few days ago.

Manila, Philippines – September 26, 2009: typhoon Ondoy hit Metro Manila. Pouring a month’s amount of rainfall in just 6 hours, it caused great flood to the metropolitan and nearby areas. The ruins from its aftermath are heart-breaking, as seen on the news, in pictures and 1st-hand video footages from witnesses of this terrible disaster. This is yet another challenge to the Philippines and its people, but definitely one of the few that has and will continue to affect great impact as a nation. Aside from remains and debris, what was seen floating (and should continue to emerge so) is the remarkable bayanihan of the Filipino people.

Filipinos, being proofs of resiliency and of democratic practices, know how to attack problems with faith, determination and unity. Reaching out to the victims of Ondoy, it was observable that everyone – civilians, students, celebrities, politicians, organizations, etc. went out their way to help in any way they can. Different rescue and relief operations, charity programs, running of donations, and the like were swiftly implemented extensively to help our affected brothers and sisters.

Just the same, we Filipinos here in America want to reach out to the victims of Ondoy. As a Filipino-American company, CSI Professionals, Inc. will be hosting a fund-raising program: Ilakad, Ikanta, Magkaisa para sa Nasalanta (Fund Raising Event for Typhoon Ondoy Victims). A walk for a cause will initiate the fund drive on October 10, 2009 and all proceeds will be sent to the victims. For more details on our fund drive and to know how you can help Ondoy victims, please see contact details below.

As Manuel L. Quezon III stated in his recent article, “…bayanihan will get us through these terrible days.”


Just as change is evident in all aspects, US Immigration is not exempted. Applicants have been subjected to more thorough processes toward getting a legal work authorization. Know how you can adapt and prepare for these changes.

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