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Land of the Immigrants, Land of the Free?

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“You think you own whatever land you land on” – a line from a song in the cartoon depiction of American history: Pocahontas. This should not be case in any worldy issue, but has been, because of the world’s need to be “organized.”

One of the countries who experienced colonization but was then freed, is the land of the immigrants, the United States of America. Before its independence, the U.S. was a result of over four centuries’ accumulation of tens of millions of immigrants. That time, it relied on the flooding of newcomers from overseas. These Immigrants in their New World made new lives and livelihoods.

Immigrants keep America growing (and is affected in demography and economy).

Among these immigrants are illegal or undocumented. Now, there are about 12 million illegal immigrants where 57% are from Mexico; 24% are from other Latin American countries; 9% are from various parts of Asia; 6% are from Europe and Canada; and 4% from the other parts of the globe.

However, why are there conflicts when there should be freedom to choose out of enough human resources and jobs available? Let’s trace back: Man was created to be a free-thinker, thus a free-doer. Being a steward of all creation gave man the power to utilize and (supposedly) maintain the world. But, when mankind devloped and as the world became modernized, man either went beyond or had to create bounderies to avoid chaos and or to declare ownership through “proper” division of “possessed lands” (and populace)

The Cycle of Freedom:


Innate freedom will lead to conflict because anyone can do anything they want; With this, another force should cut this “leniency”. Just the same, as there is a supposed freedom to apply for work in any available job, it lead to a chaotic or uncontrolled employment; thus, rules were set to “control” the recruitment in the United States, as taken cared of by the immgration and the Department of Labor.

It is a viscious cycle which, when identified to be in one of these three events, there will be a need to treat the other as a solution. i.e. PROBLEM: Now that we are in a state of “conflict”, how should a leader manage millions of illegal immigrants/workers? PROPOSED ANSWER AS OF YET:  IMMIGRATION REFORM; but RULES will have to come into the picture; hence, COMPROMISED FREEDOM.

Now that the U.S. is run by President Obama, whose race was and is still very passionate about their attainment of freedom, can we say that as we celebrate the fourth of July, we are near to having the “taste of freedom” to the most anticipated economic solution: IMMIGRATION REFORM? To date, there is still no clear-cut rule or at least a concrete update on immigration reform, but it WAS said that it IS coming.

Even if the US government would want to consider providing freedom to every undocumented alien at present, they would need to formulate some requirements to at least classify which ones should be included.The U.S. can give a “comprise” by providing different programs/acts that apply to different individuals or categories.

This could be achieved through different agendas addressed to specific people who fit different categories such as: the 245i or the proposed DREAM act. The 245i had allowed undocumented aliens who violated the terms of their non-immigrant visa or entered the US without inspection to apply for an adjustment of status but must qualify and file an “approvable” family based or employment based petition and pay a penalty fee. However, undocumented children who had no control over losing their status at that time do not qualify on the 245i. But, this is where the proposed Dream Act applies. The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act ( Dream Act) is a proposed legislation that allows undocumented children who graduate from US High schools; who are of good moral character and may have arrived in the US as children who have been in the country continuously for at least 5 years prior to the bill’s enactment, to be able to earn a conditional permanent residency. These are just some ways on how to achieve hope and freedom to undocumented aliens.

Like any other soil, U.S. is a land we can not take away from the native Americans; and it’s a land we try to fight for, by working “with” them, with dignity and equality.

By continuing to “share” our talents and natural integrity, all should aim to save this great nation from further and rising “conflict”.

Since we have always thrived on hope, we are yet to see if we will be contributors or witnesses as the cycle leads us once again to this opportune and desparate need for this kind of FREEDOM.

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