Inquire now…File the Soonest…and You’re IN!

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Inquire now…File the Soonest…and You’re IN!

CSI Professionals, Inc. on ‘making it’ to the H1B Quota

A very popular and anticpated type of non-immigrant visa, the H1B is being sought by hundreds of thousands of foreigners wanting to work in the U.S. With its extendable period of 3 more years after a 3-year validity period, it is an ideal stepping stone while processing and applying for a Green Card.

Since there is a big number of applicants filing for H1B every year, the USCIS only accepts 65,000 applications for “specialty occupations”,thus those having a high degree of specialized knowledge, even through its equivalent of a job-relevant 4-year US Bachelor’s degree; while a quota of 20,000 is observed for foreign nationals with Master’s degree or higher.

The U.S. Immigration, as we have said (based from observation and trend), is unpredictable. Stricter rules are being implemented for every stage of the processess that may be taken toward Naturalization. However, this does not dictate on a case’s result. Moreover, while we may trace this “strictness” to previous national or global economic plights and their consequences, we can only adapt to the change and make sure that we are not left behind.

Last year, for H1B season for the fiscal year of 2009, the cap opened for acceptance of applications on April 1, 2008 and closed on April 8,2008. Meanwhile, for this year, applications for fiscal year 2010 are still being accepted after almost 2 months since it opened. This is quite a long period for the immigration to admit applications, BUT this is good news for H1B visa seekers. However, we do not know when the cap will close. Unpredictability hits us yet again.

Recap of the H1B fy 2010 quota count:

* April 1,2009 – USCIS began accepting H1B petition applications



April 9, 2009


April 21, 2009


May 4, 2009


May 18, 2009


May 22, 2009


Apparently, there are still approximately 19,000 applications that USCIS can accept so the 65,000 quota can be reached.

Those interested to file for an H1B application should be processing and filing them as soon as possible, once they find a company wherein they can assume a position within the range of their specialization which that company needs.

But where can one find a job these days?! Many, especially citizens have lost their jobs or have at least been subjected to cut hours due to the current economic recession.

CSI Professionals, Inc. will help YOU look for a job. We are telling you: while the H1B cap is still open, and while we have positions that might fit your qualifications, talk to us and we’ll walk you through what could be ‘hope’ in your search for valid work authorization.

All it takes is simple phonecall to your employment solutions hotline. 213.487.5059.

CSI Professionals, Inc… start with us, grow with us, and together, we’ll aim for your success. Our long-term clients would testify so.

“CSI has been providing services to the Filipino Community for 13 years”.

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