Press Release 5/9-10/2009

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Noises on Immigration Reform

CSI Professionals looking into the 2 sides of “the Story”


Every May 1st of each year, protestors gather in Los Angeles to promote and support immigration reform. This year was no different. Los Angeles’streets were once again filled with protestors rallying for immigration reform. This is their way of reminding President Obama regarding his promise on Immigration Reform.
May Day or International Worker’s Day refers to various labor celebrations held every May 1st to commemorate the fight for the “eight hour day”. This holiday became an international celebration of the social and economic achievements of the labor movement. People often use May Day as a day of political protest such as pro-immigrant rallies in the United States.


In this year’s rally, one unauthorized worker voiced out that she feels it is more necessary now for Immigration reform to take place; but that even if it does come, the more important concern is lack of job opportunities.


Meanwhile, undocumented students assembled in displaying anticipation for the approval of the proposed DREAM ACT. This act, if materialized, will make them eligible for internships and job opportunities after graduating.


The DREAM ACT will allow undocumented students to acquire a conditional permanent residency card, if they:

(1) Arrived in the U.S. when they were 15 years old or less

(2) Received a U.S. High School diploma or GED

(3) Has stayed in the U.S. for at least 5 years,


In addition, the eligibility for U.S. citizenship will require at least a 2 year college degree or 2 years in military services.


On the other hand, as part of President Obama’s plan for immigration reform, the senate conducts hearings to discuss the resolution for this reform. Their last hearing was held on April 30th, where they discussed its advantages with testimonies from distinguished guests.


Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of Federal Reserve, says that unauthorized immigrants have contributed greatly to our economy. Immigrants allow the US to compete globally.

 “… 2/5’s of the science PHD’s in our workforce are born abroad – 40% of patents issued to foreign-born. H-1B visas are too few to meet the need, with future economy dealing with retirement of skilled baby boomers”, Greenspan said.


Thomas Manger, Montgomery County MD Chief of Police, spoke about the significance of the reform on the police forms. For him, this reform will bring people out of the shadows.  Possible witnesses who are afraid to speak to the police due to their immigration status may assist the police force in solving cases. With the delayed materialization of this reform, it is believed to have led the increase in hate crimes, ID theft, and unscrupulous employers. Manger noted, “Illegal immigration has affected our budgets, our workloads and community trusts”.


Another important advantage of this reform will prevent companies from exploitating  illegal workers.


Realistically, there are about 12 million undocumented immigrations in the US. Even if the US has the resources to deport them, 8.1 millions jobs would be lost by removing them in the workforce. This is 1.76 trillion in annual spending. These immigrants are net contributors to the U.S. economy. 


There are a lot of supporters for this immigration reform; most people are hoping that it will be resolved soon, since this may really be the answer towards economic improvement.


While the government is inclining towards immigration reform, qualified applicants or even illegal aliens should all the more make efforts to legalize their status for possible eligibility for such movement. 


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