Comprehensive Immigration Reform —- to become a Reality?!

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“The so-called ‘illegals’ are so not because they wish to defy the law; but because the law does not provide them with any channels to regularize their status in our country – which needs their labor: they are not breaking the law, the law is breaking them.” – Most Reverend Thomas Wenski, Bishop of Orlando

 President Obama, in his earlier campaign, promised to fix and make the immigration system top priority. During his earlier campaign, he supported a comprehensive overhaul of immigration policy. This includes creating a possible path to citizenship for all illegal aliens who are otherwise law-abiding; securing U.S. borders and tracking down employers who hire undocumented workers. He has been quiet about these since he took office in January.

 However, showing that “he is a man of his word”, Obama restored his campaign efforts to deal with the immigration system in a meeting with the Hispanic law makers last March 18, 2009.

In the assembly, Obama englightened the group saying that he will tackle immigration matters the same way he engaged on initiatives for other major policies. Moreover, a public immigration forum will be held perhaps withing the next two months.


 With most immigrants hoping for an improved economy (which would bring more jobs and elimination of workplace raids), majority of them are waiting for a possible reform that would bring some 12 million people ‘out of the shadows’, rather than giving in the option of returning home.

 Many of these estimated 12 million are waiting for a reform similar to 245i.

 What is 245i?

 This act allows certain persons to apply for adjustment of status if they pay a penalty of $1,000. The LIFE Act temporarily extends the ability to preserve eligibility for this provision of law until April 30, 2001. It was formerly limited to eligible individuals who were the beneficiary of a visa petition or labor certification application filed on or before January 14, 1998.

 Who are qualified for the previous 245i?

 Individuals who:

 *      Entered the United States illegally;

*      Worked in the United States illegally,

*      Failed to maintain continuously lawful status, Entered under the Visa Waiver Pilot Program, Entered as foreign crewmen, and Entered as foreign travelers in transit without a visa.

 While we do not know who exactly will be qualified or covered by the next reform act, should it materialize any time during President Obama’s regime, most immigrants secure themselves by having pending applications, as patterned to the previous 245i act.

 Even with uncertainty to Obama’s immigration promises, everybody is full of hope, with the belief that “America is a place where all things are possible” – YOU as a possibly laid-off beneficiary or a newcomer should be proactive and seek professional help without losing precious time.

 The constant matter about Immigration: there are always deadlines. You do not know which ones you are missing unless a professional tells you.

 If you are laid-off with a pending petition geared for your future – maybe some other company can legally catch it.

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